Home-based Programs

Teaching Children to Grow
The Sage Garden offers a series of home-based programs to educate and encourage children to grow fruit, herbs and vegetables and to learn about their garden environment. Our programs aim to bring the joys of gardening to children in their own homes, to nurture a sense of wonder, excitment and empowerment through growing food that is healthy for us, in a way that is healthy and sustainable for our environment. The Sage Garden brings the fun of gardening to your home.

What We Do
The Sage Garden provides activities to suit all ages so that everyone can feel part of the learning and growing process. Children will spend time creating growing calendars, building garden structures, and of course planting and mulching the garden beds. The real value is that the learning is fun, creative, healthy and family oriented. Not only will your children gain invaluable gardening knowledge, they will also learn about patience, caring and responsibility – and can delight in the success and reward of physical work and the true taste of home grown food. 

The Sage Garden’s basic program includes a two day workshop of garden-bed construction and development, with a one day follow-up session. Each program is tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each child and family

The program consists of, but is not limited to, four components: 
1. The supply and delivery of all materials (soil, mulch, seedlings, seeds)
The construction and planting of the garden beds (working with existing garden beds or with our own custom built and painted garden collars)

Educational material and exercises during the establishment phase (we can work with up to five children in developing a garden)

Follow-up and further education one month after the initial planting

The ever-changing nature of gardening keeps children intrigued and excited about being a part of the growing experience – it is an activity which can last a lifetime.

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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your children and we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss the concept.

The Sage Garden – Teaching Children to Grow